Don't Let These Cataract Surgery Myths Cloud Your Vision!

Myth 1: Cataracts only affect the elderly.

Fact: While most common in older adults, cataracts can develop at any age due to factors like eye injuries, certain medications, and health conditions like diabetes.

Myth 2: Cataracts can be prevented or treated with eye drops, diet or exercises.

Fact: Currently, surgery is the only effective treatment for cataracts. Lifestyle changes may slow progression but cannot prevent or reverse cataracts once they develop.

Myth 3: Cataract surgery is risky with a long recovery time.

Fact: Cataract surgery is one of the safest and most successful procedures with over a 98% success rate. Most patients resume normal activities within a few days.

Myth 4: Delaying cataract surgery is better.

Fact: With modern surgical techniques, cataracts can be removed as soon as vision is affected. Waiting for cataracts to “ripen” is no longer necessary and may make surgery more difficult.

Myth 5: Cataracts can grow back after surgery.

Fact: Once the cloudy natural lens is replaced with an artificial lens during cataract surgery, cataracts cannot return. Posterior capsule opacification, which can develop months or years later, is sometimes called a “secondary cataract” but is not a true cataract.

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