Common Myths and Facts About Squint Treatment

Squint or strabismus is a common eye problem where both eyes do not align properly together. There are many prevalent myths about its treatment. Let’s understand them and know the truth.

Myth 1: Squint cannot be treated

Fact: Squint is completely treatable. According to Dr. Manisha Mishra, expert squint surgeon at Shantanu Netralaya Eye Hospital, squint surgery is successful in over 90% of cases. Non-surgical treatments like glasses, eye patches and exercises can also be effective in some cases.

 Myth 2: Squint surgery weakens eyesight

Fact: Squint surgery does not affect vision. Rather, it improves vision by correcting the alignment of the eyes.

Myth 3: Squint surgery leaves significant scars on the eyes

Fact: Modern squint surgery is done with very fine techniques that do not leave any noticeable scars on the eyes. The eyes look completely normal 1-2 months after surgery.

Myth 4: Squint can relapse even after treatment

Fact: In most cases, squint treatment is permanent. However, in some complex cases, repeat surgery may be required. But regular follow-ups and adhering to the doctor’s advice reduces the risk of recurrence.

If you or someone in your family has a squint problem, contact Shantanu Netralaya Eye Hospital as soon as possible. Our expert Dr. Manisha Mishra will provide you with the best treatment and care. Don’t neglect squint, get it treated in time.

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